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February 13th, 2007

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01:17 pm - I'm back....maybe....
So, I think I may try to get back on livejournal. I don't really know anyone who does it anymore but that come with both positives and negatives so I don't care. I'm sort of afraid that if my livejournal dies I might not remember anything that was going on in my head during college soooo...there's that.

Right now I'm in the computer lab on campus, I really hate these fucking long breaks I have on Tuesday and Thursday but at least I get to see Kathleen during them. I feel like I never see anyone anymore and worry that my social circle is going to shrink. It's not that I'm unhappy with what I have been doing, I just don't want to lose everything else. I should probably make more of an effort to keep in touch with people but I doubt I will. Just as in my schoolwork, I am lazy in the social aspect of my life to the point that it almost becomes painful.

Also, I don't have class tomorrow which is amazing. I hope the weather sucks again tomorrow so I can just cuddle with Croissant and not feel guilty about it.

In an unrelated note, I wish I could journey into a video-game world for just one day. It would be awesome, I would play with Yoshi and fire fireballs and jump on walls. Plus, if I were in the world of Paper Mario I could fold myself into an airplane and fly or fold myself into a boat and journey on the ocean. That would definitely be fun.

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I'm back....maybe.... - Chronicles of a College-Aged Llama on Speed

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